Usage concept

Usage concept

Most of the former synagogues and Prayer Rooms do not exist anymore. The largest synagogue building of our region, which is fortunately well preserved, is located in Muehlhausen.

After the restoration in accordance with conservation guidelines, we intend the former synagogue to be remodelled in a memorial and educational establishment about the history of the Jewish rural communities. The building is meant to include a small museum, a library and a “Johann-Fleischmann-Archive” about the history of the Jewish rural communities along the rivers Aisch, Aurach, Ebrach and Seebach.

The former synagogue is meant to become the central facility to remember the Franconian rural Jewry of our region. Among the target group are the numerous schools of the surrounding area, which can use the museum as place of learning about Jewish history and culture.

The concept also includes the well preserved and well-tended Israelite cemetery of Muehlhausen.

Jüdischer Friedhof Mühlhausen
Jewish cemetery Muehlhausen / Middle Franconia.

In the former Prayer Room, whose size and richly decorated stucco ceiling still impresses today, we want to create a place for concerts, lectures, readings and exhibitions. 

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