Alte Synagoge Muehlhausen. Historisches Foto von Theodor Harburger, 11.06.1929    
Photographs: 1, 3, 4 – Old Synagogue Muehlhausen 2018–19, photographs by Irina Gerschmann; 2 – Synagogue Muehlhausen, Aron ha-Kodesh. Historical photograph by Theodor Harburger, 11 June 1929, source: Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem, CAHJP, P160-421


Welcome to the homepage of Forum Alte Synagoge Mühlhausen e. V.!

Here you can find all information about our registered non-profit organisation Forum Alte Synagoge Mühlhausen e. V. (Forum Old Synagogue Muehlhausen), about our aims and projects as well as about the building of the former synagogue in Muehlhausen (Middle Franconia).

You can get a first impression both by a virtual tour through our gallery and by the film “Synagogengeschichten” (synagogues stories) in the series “Leben mit einem Denkmal” (life with a memorial), which can be watched in BR Fernsehen’s media centre. From minute 21:45 on the synagogue of Muehlhausen is presented.

The author Dr. Sybille Krafft has tracked down buildings in Bavaria which were desecrated during the 1938 November Pogrom but not destroyed completely and which are unoccupied and decaying for decades. Others are used quite secularly as storage rooms and garages. But Dr. Krafft has also discovered former synagogues which were carefully restored by private persons and today function as residential buildings. The different examples demonstrate how extensive and varied Jewish life in Bavaria had been.



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