Events in 2021
Attention: Due to the corona pandemic, changes may be necessary at short notice.

Art and Culture in the former Synagogue Muehlhausen
on the occasion of the anniversary year “321–2021: 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany”

Venue: Old Synagogue Muehlhausen (Middle Franconia) 

The events provide a foretaste of the future usage of the building as a place for cultural events. A Klezmer concert, a storytelling evening of Jewish fairy tales and legends as well as exhibitions with works by the artist Irina Gerschmann and on the latest results of the building research in the synagogue are meant to revive the memory of the region’s Jewish rural communities and at the same time to initiate a debate on modern Jewish life in Germany. The events will take place under the impressive stucco ceiling of the Prayer Room, which was inaccessible for decades.


Sun, 11/07/2021, beginning at 3:00 pm:
Exhibition Irina Gerschmann “Auf dem Weg ins Gelobte Land” (On the way to the Promised Land) + exhibition of photographs of Synagogue Muehlhausen.

I. Gerschmann, Exodus, fragment
I. Gerschmann, Exodus, fragment

Free entrance.
Opening times: Saturday-Sunday (11/7, 17/7, 18/7, 24/7 & 25/7/2021) 3:00-7:00 pm  
Opening Sun, 11/7/2021 at 3:00 pm – with invitation, from 5:00 pm – free
Closing event Sun, 25/07/2021 – 5:00-7:00 pm

Rabbi Dr. Salomon Almekias-Siegl, former Chief Rabbi of Saxony, Rabbi of the Jewish Community Bamberg.

Dr. theol. Hans Markus Horst, head of the advice centre for ideological questions and deanery representative for interfaith dialogue in Erlangen.

Christian Plätzer, historian, 1st chairman of Forum Alte Synagoge Mühlhausen e.V.

Musical accompaniment: The world of Klezmer – music evening with the trio Mame-loshn. Leonid Khenkin – clarinet / Michail Winnizkij – accordion / Svetlana Khenkina  – bass clarinet.

Mame-loshn. Photographs:  I. Gerschmann, Mame-loshn.

Exhibition: Irina Gerschmann: Gerschmann studied art and fashion design in Moscow and since 1993 works as freelance artist in Germany. Within the context of dealing with her own Jewish background, she has steadily refined her imagery and has developed her own symbols and forms of expression. In its combination of closely written text and figurative scenes of the history of the Jewish people the large-size monumental work “Der Ewige Zug der Jüdischen Geschichte“ (The Jewish History’s Eternal Procession) made in 2008 orientates itself towards the detailed thoughts of knowledge transfer of the “Biblia pauperum”. The exhibition focuses on the Jewish perspective of the artist’s work, but also shows the technical versatility of her artistic practice (see 

Exhibition of photographs of Synagogue Muehlhausen: Results of the building research in the former synagogue Muehlhausen and impressions of the Muehlhausen genizah. Muehlhausen’s former synagogue was erected in 1755/56, reconstructed in 1833 and after the desecration of the November Pogrom in 1938 remodelled into a garage and warehouse. The exhibition is meant to present the results of the extensive building research made in 2020 by the University of Bamberg and by an office for building research and renovation planning to the public for the first time. On the basis of these results the renovation concept of the building will be developed. In addition, the excavation of the Muehlhausen genizah made by members of the Genizah Project Veitshöchheim will be documented. The exhibition is conceived as travelling exhibition and is to be shown at other places of Landkreis Erlangen-Höchstadt (e.g. Jewish community Erlangen, Museum Höchstadt).  

Sun, 25/07/2021, 3:00 pm:
Concert: Igor Loboda – violin / Leonid Alpert – accordion.
Music of European Jews and Jewish composers.

Leonid Alpert & Igor Loboda, Photographs: Leonid Alpert, © Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt, 

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Price per person € 10.00, payable at the evening box office.

Igor Loboda studied at the Music Academy Tbilisi and in Saint Petersburg and gained awards in composition competitions in Tbilisi (1976) and Moscow (1978). Since 1981 he is a member of the Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt, for which he has written several arrangements. Leonid Alpert studied orchestral conducting at the State University of Culture and the Arts in Krasnodar. He is master of the Choir ALEF in Karlsruhe.

5:00-7:00 pm closing event: Exhibition Irina Gerschmann + exhibition of photographs of Synagogue Muehlhausen.

Sat, 18/09/2021, beginning at 6:00 pm:
Jewish fairy tales and legends – a storytelling evening

© Gerschmann art & design

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Price per person € 10.00, payable at the evening box office.

Storytellers of the European Fairy Tale Society present Jewish legends and fairy tales. The stories are recited freely, but also text-bounded. In addition to the cultivation of the narrative tradition, the questions where Jewish fairy tales come from and how they are characterised are addressed. In the breaks between the stories musical performances take place. At the end there is the possibility to discuss the archetypes and symbols presented in the fairy tales and to compare them with Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

Sun, 19./09/2021, beginnig at 3:00 pm:
Concert: Ensemble SIMKHAT HANEFESH – „Eine Reise durch
Aschkenas. Die Fahrten des Abraham Levie, 1719-1723“ (A journey through Ashkenaz. The travels of Abraham Levie, 1719-1723).

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Price per person € 10.00, payable at the evening box office.

A programme with rediscovered Jewish music of Renaissance and Baroque. Simkhat Hanefesh (Hebrew: Joy of the soul) travels musically with Abraham Levie and presents you Yiddish songs and Jewish instrumental music of Renaissance and Baroque connected to the places of his travel. Additionally, short excerpts from his Yiddish report are read in German translation.

Diana Matut – singing, recorder, nyckelharpa /
James Hewitt – Baroque violin, Baroque viola /
Nora Thiele – percussion, frame drums, bells, colascione /
Erik Warkenthin – lute, theorbo, Baroque guitar /
Dietrich Haböck – viola da Gamba

Photographs: Simkhat Hanefesh

Supported by:

321–2021: 1700 Jahre jüdisches Leben in Deutschland e.V.

Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland K.d.ö.R.

Jüdische Kultusgemeinde Erlangen K.d.ö.R.